We are all born with psychic abilities because they are a (SUPER) natural part of us. And if you do not believe me, have a think about what intuition is…


Intuition is that part of our selves that always knows the right thing to do. You cannot deny the fact that every time you act on your intuition, it is always the best outcome and ultimately for the highest good.  So, would you not agree that your intuition can somehow see things from a higher perspective and foresee future events, it has awareness of things that you may not know on a conscious level. We all have intuition so therefore we all have the ability to be psychic if we just trust in it.

I believe that a huge part of each of us is always in spirit and a very small part of who we really are is in physical form as a human being. Intuition is the connection between your physical self and your non-physical self (aka Higher Self). I also believe that the subconscious mind is also a gateway between the physical and non-physical. So, this is the reason I believe that we all can access information psychically because we are not just a human being, we are multidimensional beings but that is for another blog…

How come only some people can fully tap into these abilities?

As small children our psychic abilities are much stronger, but it gets dimmed down. We do not live in a world that encourages this and so most people naturally shut it off because of the stigma around it. In some people the gift cannot be shut down but that is because it was maybe nurtured or encouraged and/or it was just a stronger connection for whatever reason.  If these abilities are not nurtured or exercised, they do not tend to work so well or at all, just like a muscle, this also needs to be exercised to get the full benefit of it.  Most people are not educated on what intuition really is or how to turn it up. I know I was not, and I am pretty sure that it was not part of the curriculum in most schools. But, it is such an important guidance tool within each one of us and people need to learn how to trust that inner guidance system which is a huge part of who they really are because that is where you really start to step into your own power.  Intuition is your inner compass to help guide you successfully through life.

How did I awaken my psychic abilities?

Simple answer – by default.  Long story short, I went on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing and I was introduced to meditation.  So, after about a year of habitually meditating, I  started to connect with my Spirit Guides and Higher Self through meditation. My psychic abilities started to awaken, which meant the volume on my intuition became much louder. So, I did not grow up as somebody that was known to be ‘psychic’, quite the opposite and  I was not related to anyone ‘psychic’ and to be honest it came as a huge surprise to people that knew me when I did start to open up about ‘psychic’ experiences.  What it proved was that if I could awaken that in me at that stage in my life and turn up the volume on my intuition…  then why couldn’t that happen to everyone else? Short answer…there is no reason why it cannot and every reason why it can! The important thing with psychic abilities is to trust in the process and to have an open mind to what could happen and no expectations on the outcome. Be limitless in your thought process.

The Four Clairs

There are four psychic senses that we all have the ability to tap into in order to get psychic information and they are called, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. I will go through each one below:

  • Clairvoyance

This is the one that is most familiar to people. Clair means ‘clear’, so clairvoyance means ‘clear seeing’. When this psychic gift is activated it means that you will be able to receive psychic information from past, present and future through visions either in the mind’s eye (inner/third eye) or the physical eye in some cases. People who are clairvoyant can see spirits and can also see auras too.  Mediums tend to be clairvoyant as they can usually see spirits that have passed over from physical form.

  • Clairaudience

Clairaudience means ‘clear hearing’. This psychic ability enables a person to hear information from the spirit realm and other dimensions.  People with this ability activated will hear a message from Spirit. This is often how Spirit Guides communicate to us as it is an easier way for them to get a message to us.  I believe many people have this one awakened within themselves without realising, they assume it’s their own voice in their head or if they do realise they can find it difficult to discern which is which. Like I said before tapping into a psychic gift takes a lot of practice and trust in oneself.

  • Clairsentience

This one means ‘clear feeling’.  When this is activated, a person can get information from the past, present, and future by feeling into the energy and tapping into it that way.  A lot of empaths have this psychic sense very strongly.  I discovered this ability myself during a reiki share, I could physically feel the energy from the person I was working with.  Clairsentient people can pick up information through feeling energy from people, places, and situations.  They can often feel the presence of spirits in a place too.

  • Claircognizance

Claircognizance means ‘clear knowing’.  When a person is tapped into this ability it means that they just have a definite knowing of something, even without any facts and information about the subject, they do not know how they know, they just know it.  This is then proven correct from the outcome of the situation.  This is claircognizance and I believe this is active in many people also without them consciously realising a lot of times or trusting enough in themselves to consider this is what is happening.

So, they are the four psychic sense that we ALL have the ability to awaken in ourselves. If you feel like you have experienced any of these clairs or if you would like to experience these psychic gifts, then I urge you to investigate them more and learn to awaken them because YOU can.  As I mentioned previously the best way to tap into these gifts more is through daily meditation.  Habitual meditation clears the channel from our physical to the non-physical, it strengthens the connection to spirit, it helps to turn the volume up on intuition and to awaken all the psychic senses. Automatic writing is also a very effective way to practice tapping into the clairaudient sense. Other ways to practice tapping into psychic gifts is of course through divination tools such as tarot, oracle cards and crystal balls.  The important thing is to trust the process and most importantly, believe in yourself. 

You can do it, you are already doing it to some degree, it is your birth right!

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

– Albert Einstein-

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