Yvonne knows how to create an environment in which one feels confident and able to speak regardless of the topic. She is warm and caring and I particulary appreciated her approach in tarot reading which made me understand that nothing is set in stone. I highly recommend her!
I asked Yvonne for an in-depth reading because I really needed guidance on how to move on in my life. And I’m still blown away by the result! Based on the information I gave her, Yvonne formulated the questions very precisely so that I got my answers and even more. Thanks to her, I now have peace of mind and know what I have to do to move forward. I received a lot of advice on how to optimize the path and also confirmation for concerns that I was not sure about. I can now go on with hope and optimism, without worrying about whether I’m actually doing the right thing. Yvonne, you are a very special and gifted person, I am glad to have met you in my life!
I thoroughly enjoyed my video session with Yvonne, she is kind, present and passionate about what she does.
I enjoyed the session with Yvonne very much. The insight and information provided confirmation that the path I am on is the right one, despite knowing there will be challenges ahead. I especially appreciated Yvonne’s ability to communicate how the session would work and her in-depth knowledge of the cards. I will definitely have another reading!
I have just received a wonderful card reading from Yvonne. I contacted her because I was in need of some guidance and clarity in order to move forward in my life. The messages that came from the cards have given me a very strong sense of fulfillment. They are perfect in so many ways and I am very inspired by them. I feel like I've been given the green light to walk confidently in the direction that I was considering taking, now it's a given that I must. I think Yvonne has a very special gift as she really tuned into me and my present situation. The PDF that she printed my reading on is beautiful, it's colourful, neat, comprehensive and also included suggestive tips which I really appreciate. I would highly recommended Yvonne to anyone looking to gain clarity, fulfilment and insight into themselves and their life. Thank you so much Yvonne for a great reading, already I feel transformed!
Lisa German
United Kingdom
I am so glad I took the chance to try a reading with Yvonne! She is such a kind soul, I got much more than I expected out of this session. So much came out of her reading: things that got confirmed for me, but also things that I can further work on. She took the time to analyse all the cards very extensively with stunning accuracy. In addition, she gave me advice, suggestions, and meditations on my topic guided by the cards - I loved it! I will definitely come back to you, Yvonne! Looking forward to the launch of your jewellery collection
Anastasia Kaloudi
Yvonne offers a friendly and professional service which I would highly recommend. She delivered my requested 3-card reading via email within 48 hours, as promised. The pdf document was beautifully presented and included a photograph of the cards drawn, including an angel card and also the crystals which she used, along with their meanings. The reading itself was insightful, resonating accurately with my current situation and the advice provided was helpful and sensitively written. I wouldn’t hesitate in future to request a more in-depth reading from Yvonne. Excellent value🙂
United Kingdom
Yvonne’s reading is amazing, very intuitive, and it confirmed exactly what I already knew but was perhaps struggling to admit to myself. She gives clear and helpful feedback and, even better, suggested ways to overcome issues that I can easily implement into my every day life with a little bit of commitment. I have even started to notice positive changes in the short time since I started doing the exercises she suggested. What shines through is her passion for what she does. She’s massively talented and I’d recommend Yvonne’s readings to anyone that is looking for a bit of help or clarity in life.
Hannah Woodcock
United Kingdom
The reading was done promptly and so thoroughly. I was really impressed by Yvonne’s insight into the meaning of the spreads. Plenty for me to reflect and work on to move forward with my life. I will definitely do the recommended guided meditation - I practice yoga every day so this would be ideal for closing with Savasana. I also have some rose quartz which I bought a while ago, so will need to dig that out 🙂 Thank you again so much.
Kiki Davis
Saudi Arabia
Yvonne was very thorough in her reading and could describe everything exactly the way it’s happening. She gave thoughtful ideas and messages of encouragement while staying focused on the topic. What I most valued or appreciated about this reading was the accuracy. Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars. The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!
Gisele Nascimento
This was a great reading! Yvonne answered my question very well and I feel encouraged, like a good friend has put her hands on my shoulders, shifted me a bit, and said, “You need to look/go here. Try that instead.” At first, I resisted the idea that I am “caught up in the lack mentality”. I didn’t like that! But as you explained further, it made more and more sense. When you suggested that I “reflect on what I want instead of what I don’t have”, that resonated strongly and inspired by your advice, I have created a visualization of what I truly desire in life. I’ve always followed the leading of my mind. In this new stage of life, it’s time for me to follow my passions. And you are SO RIGHT about that being manifest in the body. I absolutely agree about letting my intuition/emotions tell me which path to take, rather than my mind. That is an insight I’ve come to recently: I’ve always followed the leading of my mind. In this new stage of life, it’s time for me to follow my passions. And you are SO RIGHT about that being manifest in the body. I have learned SO MUCH about hearing what my body tells me and respecting it. I think the biggest take-away is to recognize that I’m planting seeds now, and to be patient to give them the time they need to grow, trusting that they will, that I do have help and support to see me through this period of transition. That my current situation is a stepping-stone in the right direction. I have felt stalled, that I’m going nowhere. Now I think that, no in fact I am doing things (training, trusting my intuition), and that the things I need will come to me as I focus on them (instead of the obstacles!). I most appreciated the optimistic, ‘you got this’ attitude of the reading. I loved that she listed the cards and explained what they meant a little. I would absolutely recommend Yvonne as a Tarot Reader to others.
Ilona Arends
Ottawa, Canada
Yvonne completely answered my question, she gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. What I most valued or appreciated about this reading is that I really like how detailed Yvonne was with this reading. She didn’t just pull out a card and give a few words. I really loved how in- depth she was. I rate Yvonne’s reading 5 stars. I would recommend Yvonne as a Tarot Reader to others.
I appreciate how much information Yvonne gave me. All of it was spot on. It was the information I wanted and the information I needed to hear. It has given me the confidence to move forward. I would highly recommend Yvonne as a tarot reader to others.
Yvonne gave me a fantastic in-depth reading. I could really tell that she was able to connect to my energy. Also, her reading gave me deep insights with which I can really work in the future. She is truly a good and thorough reader. Thank you, Yvonne, for sharing your guidance and insights with me! She gave me the information needed to move forward. I could really tell that she answered from a place of love and light. I felt safe and secure having my questions and concerns in her hands. I think you did a pretty awesome job, Yvonne and I would definitely recommend you as a Tarot reader to anyone else.
Berlin, Germany
I’m shocked at this reading. It resonated with me completely. It was honest and truthful. Thank you. Yvonne, carry on doing what you’re doing! It’s an amazing gift to have!
Jade Hall
United Kingdom
I really appreciated that Yvonne went into a huge amount of detail. Each card was described clearly and she went into a lot of depth about how this relates to me and my journey to find my soulmate. The parts about looking after myself and needing to clear space to allow my soulmate to enter my life really resonated with me and I appreciate the recommendation of the Nicky Sutton guided meditations. Thank you for the time and energy you clearly put into this reading! I would recommend you as a reader to others.
Kayleigh L Seal
United Kingdom
I really agreed with the first part of the reading, I hope the second part will come true soon Yvonne did 2 parts reading and it gave me good information about my current situation. She really presented the reading clearly, and it was very detailed Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars. I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others
Gamze Zetgin
The Netherlands
I got my answer and more, so thank you. All your interpretations resonated with me and I fully understood the reading. Your intuition was very accurate. I feel like I’m less nervous and have a better understanding of the situation. I really like the spread you used because it provided quite a lot of insight and was very easy and clear. I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!
April Hale
Thank you so very much Yvonne for your reading. She was spot on correct in everything that she said. I have since taken action according to this reading. Again thank you very very much GREAT JOB!
Attalaine Deloach