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Comprehensive Online Beginners Tarot Reader Course

This is an in-depth interactive way to learn the tarot all in one place. This self study online course gives you a comprehensive guide to learning all about the deeper meaning of the Tarot and how to apply it to daily life. We go into 3 different ways to read the cards and also draw from numerology and astrology. Don’t miss our musical Major Arcana tale! We provide meditations and exercises to help you develop your intuition and become more clear in order to be a better Tarot Reader.

Throughout this course you will discover:

  • The history of Tarot
  • The soul’s journey through the Major Arcana
  • Understanding the meaning in each Tarot Card
  • How to select, prepare and maintain your Tarot deck
  • How astrology relates to Tarot
  • How to develop your intuition
  • Simple spreads to start reading Tarot now
  • How to use Tarot for decision making in life
  • A 167-page handbook with detailed explanations for each card

Investment: $175 (Can be paid in two monthly installments)

Advanced Tarot Course - Reading for Others

This is a self study online course to help you confidently read for other people and go from a novice tarot reader to a remarkable tarot reader. This course will also help you easily transistion over to reading tarot professionally.

It covers the following topics:

  • Advanced tarot spreads such as the Celtic Cross & the Horseshoe spread
  • How to prepare a sacred space for your readings
  • How to do a client reading
  • Love & relationship readings
  • Career & work readings
  • The different types of tarot readers
  • Practice doing readings – real questions will be provided from real people
  • How to set up a tarot business
  • Includes a bonus module on tarot as a study of consciousness
  • Also comes with guided meditations to help you become the tarot reader you were destined to be

Investment: $99 (can be paid in two monthly installments)

All sessions will be a co-creation