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Vintage Moroccan Boucherouite Runner Rug No 2

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  • Material: recycled wool, lurex, nylon, cotton
  • Size: 184cm x 76cm
  • Vintage: 30-40 years old 
  • Ethically sourced in Morocco

Note:  These textiles are vintage so may have slight markings but we feel this adds to the authenticity of these beautiful recycled rugs 

Boucherouite rugs were handmade out of scraps of material such as wool, lurex, nylon and cotton.  Each rug is a beautiful burst of colour and will liven up any room.  They instantly boho up a house.  These shabby chic rugs can be used as wall hangings too as they are a real work of art. 


Boucherouite rugs come from the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco.  These rugs were hand woven by the women of the Berber tribe of this region. They each used their own initiative to design these rugs.