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Fez Leather Moroccan Pouffe – Small Orange

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  • 100% Leather
  • Size:  Small – D40cm x H20cm. Zip on underside
  • Ethically hand made in Morocco

These traditional Moroccan pouffes were handmade in the city of Fez, in the North East of Morocco.  They are made out of goats’ skin leather and each have a striking engraved design on top.  They instantly add warmth and cosyness to a room. They are multi-functional- they can be used not only as a footstool but as extra seating. Another idea is to place a brass tray on top on the large version, doubling the pouffe up into a small side or coffee table.  This is a natural leather material so may have some minor imperfections, this gives them their authenticity.

Care guide:

To care for your pouffe use a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dirt or spills, keep water to a minimum and avoid cleaning products such as polishes, soaps etc. unless it is specifically for leather products.

Stuffing guide: 

Your pouffe can be stuffed with a number of different things you will have already in your home such as plastic bags, old scrunched up newspapers, cushion fillers of all sizes, old garments.  You can even use them as an additional storage unit for clothes, store your winter clothes in summer and your summer clothes in winter, traditionally this is what the Berbers did with their pouffes. Alternatively you can visit a furniture upholsterer and they can stuff it for you.

Step by step guide to stuffing your pouffe:

  1. Make sure the material you are using is clean and dry
  2. The zipper is located on the bottom of the pouf. Unzip the pouf and open it out to its full shape
  3. Start by gradually filling the sides at the top of your pouf to ensure that all the nooks and crannies are fully stuffed. This will prevent dimples and bumps in the finished pouf
  4. Continue stuffing evenly – add a layer of stuffing and push it down firmly (again, ensuring that the sides and seams are fully filled out) before moving on to add another layer
  5. Continue until the pouf is full