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Modern Palenqueras Statue - Large

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  • 46cm x 17cm
  • Ceramic/Paper Mache 
  • Ethically handcrafted in Colombia

This stunning ceramic statue was handcrafted by an artist from Cartagena. This is the ultimate statement piece for any home, a complete attention grabber.  The Artist has taken the traditional Palenque woman and put a funky modern twist on her.  This statue has a beautiful violet headwrap made of paper mache with matching bright pink lips.  


The town of Palenque was given to the first slaves who were freed in the days of the colony.  They were brought from Africa from the Masai tribe of New Guinea. Even in current times they still live in Palenque, which is south of Cartagena, Colombia.  They speak their own language that is bantu and retain all their customs and traditions such as music, dance (the cumbria, the mapale). Another of their customs is that they celebrate more when somebody dies than when someone is born because they believe that they go to a better life. The women come to sell fruit & cocadas (coconut candy) to make a living in the city and the men are fishermen. You can still see these colourful black ladies in their traditional dresses selling their tropical fruit and homemade sweets around the historical part of Cartagena. The colours for them have many meanings for example blue is the color of love because it represents water and rain which are reasons for joy in an arid land, red represents that they work hard, with sacrifice and blood, yellow represents the sun and green represents nature.