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Beni Ourain Vintage Moroccan Rug No 3

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  • 100% Sheep’s wool
  • Size: 163cm x 230cm 
  • Ethically sourced in Morocco

Note:  These textiles are vintage so may have slight markings

Beni Ourain rugs are made from 100% sheep’s wool, hand woven in Morocco. They have a soft buttermilk tone with a simple large black lattice design on top.  They are super soft to walk on and immediately add warmth to a room.  These rugs have been popular in the interior design world for decades and have never been a passing trend, as they immediately create a contemporary bohemian style and highlight any design furniture.  This rug will be a very stylish edition to your home.  All of these traditional Moroccan rugs are unique, no two are alike, and are all sourced on my travels within Morocco.


Beni Ourain Berber tribes made these rugs to protect themselves from the harsh winter in the Atlas Mountains where the temperatures are the lowest in Africa. The Beni Ourain rug was traditionally made as bedding to keep the tribes warm which is why they have such a thick pile.