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Pluto & Mercury Retrograde

If you are feeling this extra heavy energy right now, feeling really irritable, angry even or just really down and depressed well it is no surprise because Pluto, the planet of the shadow and karma and Mercury, the planet of communication are both going into retrograde this week not to mention that we are still in eclipse season with the lunar eclipse taking place on 15/16 May. Wowser!

Well, I can confirm, I am feeling it tenfold especially as my sun is in Scorpio and Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio and the Lunar eclipse is taking place in the sign of Scorpio as well!! These transits are pushing me to delve into my darkness and the collective darkness too but that’s the plus side of having Scorpio in my 12th house, meaning this kind stuff is my superpower… rebirth, transformation change, delving into the darkness, that which is hidden, occulted, suppressed… I was born for this which is why part of my purpose is to help people navigate both their own darkness and the collective darkness. Take a look to see which house your Pluto and Mercury is in, in your birth chart and this will show you what part of your life will be affected by this.

When planets go retrograde it means the energy will be more internalised, they call us to take a step back, and revisit, review, and revise before we move forward. Mercury has a short retrograde period, of 3 weeks, It is transisting through Gemini till the 22 May which will bring with it energy to will help us to think clearly and some interesting insights should be popping up, so take note of an ideas coming through during this transit and then get ready to take action on them after the retrograde. It is the planet of communication and travel so these are the areas that will be affected, make sure you back up any important work in case of tech issues and think before you speak, especially if it is a heated subject if you want to keep the peace. If you must travel during this period, give yourself plenty of time in case of any delays. Try not to sign contracts during this time if possible and if you have to make sure you treble check everything before you sign.

Pluto on the other hand is a much longer retrograde of 5 months, it stations at the beginning of October but as we integrate these plutonian energies it will get easier as we go along. Pluto is the planet of karma, transformation, the underworld, and the collective shadow. This is another energy like the eclipse that will bring fated change, karmic meetings and experiences into your life so it’s going to be intense for many over these coming weeks as it combined with the eclipse energies. Pluto will bring up hidden parts of yourself to the surface, past traumas and people will revisit. Pluto is the Death card in Tarot, so its purpose is to get us to transform so it will bring in tough situations to get us to do that but remember just like the Death card, it is all for your highest good, to clear what is not serving you to give space for what is more aligned to come in. It is helping you align with your soul’s path.

If you want to understand how the Pluto retrograde will personally activate your own shadow, here is a helpful article form

If ever there was a time to start doing shadow work and inner child healing, it is over the next 5 months as this plutonian energy will help clear so much trauma (and ancestorial trauma) for you if you work with it. Anytime, you feel yourself in this heavy energy and you feel out of sorts, allocate some time on your own and journal what you are feeling and what is coming up for you, investigate these feelings, these feelings will be your teacher, most importantly don’t get attached to any ego stories around what you are feeling, just know that it is old trauma coming up to be healed and just be with it. Soothing meditations are also key to help you navigate these energies, click here for one that I think will really help. And if you would like me to help you on your inner healing journey, click here for details of my inner child healing program.

As always, everything in the cosmos is always happening to get us to up level and evolve. Give yourself loads of tlc when riding these difficult energetic waves.

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