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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio 15/16 May 2020

The total lunar eclipse full moon 🌕 in Scorpio ♏️ is taking place this Sunday/Monday depending on where you are in the world, it will hit the UK on Monday. However, we will be feeling the intensity of it now. Lunar eclipse means the moon will be closest to the Earth, it will be super 🌝

The reason this lunar eclipse will be very uncomfortable for many is because it’s in the sign of Scorpio, which is the sign that delves into shadow, the darkness, gets into the murky stuff that most of us keep away from or keep hidden. It’s called a ‘Blood Moon’ because it’s in Scorpio and Scorpio doesn’t mind getting into the blood and guts of things.

Scorpio is an intense and complex sign, it is the sign of death and rebirth, it is highly intuitive and the most transformational sign in the zodiac, it likes to prod and probe so it can get to the truth, reveal what is hidden, no matter how uncomfortable that will be for those involved. Just like the planet Pluto, Scorpio represents the unconscious, our shadow. So that is the theme of this eclipse. It will bring to light things that you have kept hidden, or past hurts that are not yet resolved will come to the surface for you to face. Don’t be surprised if an ex gets back in contact or someone you have fallen out with suddenly texts you. As it’s Mercury retrograde as well, think before you speak if your past does come back to visit you as you may regret it later. To makes things even more challenging Saturn is also squaring the Sun and the Moon during this eclipse. Saturn is the taskmaster, he is all about the lessons we are here to learn. Your patience may be tested, you may be presented with a situation that will call you to be more resilient and courageous, you maybe forced to slow down. This is a time to really tune into your intuition, it will guide you to make the most aligned choices and decisions during these transformational but challenging energies.

Full moon equals ritual time. Doing a ritual during a Scorpio lunar eclispse is going to be very catharic for you, as it will really help you to ground these energies and then use them to face what is coming up in the best and most comfortable way possible. Full moons are all about releasing all that is not serving us especally past trauma and hurts that we are still holding onto. This lunar eclipse will highlight this unresolved trauma, the best thing you can do is just face it and use the full moon ritual to help to release all or some of it and then soothe yourself in meditation and bring some healing crystals into your ritual that will help with this.

I have created a lunar eclipse tarot spread below that you can include in your ritual also.

The High Priestess.. this card is ruled by the moon and represents change, transistion, transformation, healing, the subconscious mind, the unseen realm. What a perfect card to pull during a lunar eclipse in Scorpio! Of course… because tarot knows this 🙂 The High Priestess is the queen of intuition, so the message in this card is very simple, let your intuition guide you through these energies, your soul will show you the best way through it so that you come out the other side a better, stronger version with less of a burden to carry and a smaller shadow. Take note of your dreams over these few days and what messages the subconscious mind is trying to convey to you. Let yourself heal the unresolved trauma that is coming up for you, don’t be afraid. Once you face it, you are healing it and then the sooner it goes away forever. These karmic energies are here to help you heal, things are coming back up because you suppressed them or ignored them, unresolved trauma or hurts always come back up to be seen and to be resolved, they never stay forever. The only way to move forward is to face the fear and the trauma head on. If you have a tarot deck, take out the High Priestess card, meditate on it this weekend and leave it out where you can see it. She will help you to tune into your intuition and she will support the healing process.

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