I am guessing you are reading this because you are also an empath, you think you might be an empath or you have no idea what an empath means and are just curious, is this even a real thing you might be thinking or is it just made up?!  Well I’m here to tell you why it is a very real thing and I will explain how I came to the realisation that I am an empath.

Being an empath can be both a curse and a gift but if you learn the tools to manage it properly it can become your superpower.

Let me just start by explaining what an empath is and if you relate to most of these characteristics, then chances are, you are an empath too.

  • Empaths take on the energy and emotions of others

This is probably the most common sign of an empath and it was the first sign that made me really open my eyes to the possibility.   This basically means you take on someone else emotions as if they are your own and that person does not have to be physically present for you to do that. For example, you could receive a text from a friend, just a generic text, ‘how are you?’ and after reading it you might have feelings of anger or frustration or the opposite you could feel joyful.  What is happening here is that you are basically tapping into that person’s energy field and feeling into their emotions. So you are feeling their feelings at that present moment. Sometimes an empath can even feel the physical pain of another person.  This characteristic of an empath is also associated with the psychic sense called clairsentient, this means that a person can tune into the energy of people, places or situations and receive information. If an empath does not learn the tools to protect their energy, they are prone to feeling burnt out, sad or depressed on a regular basis, so it is imperative for an empath to learn how to protect and clear their energy. 

  • Empaths are highly sensitive

Empaths are naturally spiritually open people; they make great listeners and it is not unusual for a stranger to feel very comfortable pouring their heart out to an empath. They wear their heart on their sleeves.  They often get their feelings hurt because of their sensitivity and their openness as not everyone is as sensitive to feelings as an empath.  Some empaths can even be highly sensitive to noise and cannot stand to be in noisy places. 

  • Empaths are extremely Intuitive

All empaths are naturally intuitive.  Empaths basically feel their way through life, which means they are extremely sensitive to energies and so can feel something even if it’s hidden or not yet manifested into the physical. Empaths can just know things without any physical proof.

  • Empaths love being in nature and around animals

Empaths don’t just love being in nature they need to spend time in nature on a regular basis for their wellbeing as this helps them ground their energies and helps clear their energy field of other energies that are not their own.  Empaths tend to have an instant bond with animals they meet and love being in the company of animals and some prefer animals to human company because of the energy overwhelm.

  • Empaths need regular doses of alone time

Due to absorption of energy, empaths need to have regular doses of time alone to clear their energy and fill themselves back up.  When an empath’s energy is high and protected, they have the capacity to be of great service to people and tend to be in professions such as healing, coaching, psychic work, counselling etc.  

  • Relationships can be difficult for empaths

The reason for this is because of the energy exchange between two people in a relationship, it can be very overwhelming for an empath. It is imperative that an empath has strict boundaries within a relationship for it to be a success.  A lot of empaths choose to stay single because of this overwhelm.

  • Empaths can feel overwhelmed in public or crowded places

The reason for this is that an empath would be absorbing energy from everyone around them.  Even though a lot of empaths are introverted there are also many that are extroverted people but can end up disconnecting from people for this reason. But like I said if an empath learns the tools to protect their energy this becomes less of an issue.

I was always a very sensitive person.  I used to get very embarrassed when people used to point out how sensitive I was.  Everything seemed to affect me much more than most people. My feelings were hurt on a regular basis.  I seemed to be unable to ever protect my feelings and I constantly wore my heart on my sleeve which didn’t help, and it was something I just could not change in myself. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t ‘toughen up’.   My moods would go up and down on a regular basis.  One minute I would feel at ease and content and out of the blue I would feel angry or frustrated for no reason whatsoever. This was the norm for me.  I used to feel very anxious in groups, even with people I knew. I was overwhelmed on a regular basis in public places.  It felt like such a weakness and I was ashamed of it.  So, I tried my best to cover it up and I got good at pretending. This was a lot easier to do once I started to drink alcohol.  I found alcohol desensitised me and while drinking I didn’t care as much or feel as much.  Looking back, I used alcohol as a way of escaping my intense feelings for a bit.  Alcohol was big part of my life up to a couple of years ago because it was how I coped but I didn’t have a healthy relationship with it. 

It’s only in the past two years while going on my own self-healing journey that I started to hear about empaths.  I had never heard that word before that.  I read a bit about it but I still did not want to face that part of me, so I shied away from it. Plus I had started to meditate daily and spend a lot of time in nature by that stage so I felt less bogged down and much clearer and I was doing other inner healing work so I started to feel less overwhelmed with things and much calmer in general. But information on empaths kept showing up everywhere and then I hit a period of overworking and under meditating and I started to feel all the old familiar feelings and sensitivities and overwhelm coming back tenfold.  But what was different this time is that I could really feel that a lot of the energy I was carrying was not mine. I just intuitively knew because I was way more tuned into my intuition by this stage and I had already worked out that I was tapping into clairsentient abilities too.  Anyway long story short I got a message again from my Dad in Spirit, that validated what I already had suspected by then that I was indeed an empath and I was prone to taking on the energy of other people and that it was very important that I learned to really protect my energy and cut the chords from energy that was not mine especially because of the work that I was now doing in terms of reading for people and tapping in to their energy field and opening up my energy field in that process.  So, I learned more tools to help ground and protect my energy field and that worked for a bit.

Recently through more guidance, I ended up going to a Shamanic Healer to help me protect my energy field even more because of the intuitive work that I am now doing. My own protection exercises where no longer strong enough. This healing session really helped me enormously.  I can still tap into energy but without depleting my own energetic field in the process or taking on other people’s emotions/energy. 

Bottom line after finally facing up to this, I have learned the tools to let this be a gift in my life and not a curse any longer.  And I am no longer ashamed of my sensitivity, if anything I am so happy that I have discovered what this really is as it’s helped me fully embrace what I am here to do. It has gone from a curse to a superpower.  It’s not all plain sailing, if I don’t do a daily ritual to ground and clear my energy, I do start feeling the density of other energies but it’s short lived because I know now what to do.

Why am I telling you all this?….because I spent a lot of my life suffering in silence and using alcohol to feel better and to escape my feelings because I didn’t understand that part of me  and tried to reject it.  I want to bring that awareness to other people in the same boat who don’t understand either and feel tormented because of their sensitivity. It’s not that hard to turn this into the gift that it is supposed to be.  I only discovered this in very recent times through my own journey of self-discovery.  I had never heard this concept until I started that journey so that’s why I decided to write this blog because I am sure there are plenty more people out there that are empaths and they don’t even know.

So, if you are resonating with this blog and you feel like you might also be an empath then I encourage you try some of the following simple protection and energy tools that you can incorporate into your daily routine straight away:

  • Giving back other people’s energy visualisation – Just before you go to sleep at night.  Do a visualisation mediation, visualise that you are giving back any energy that is not yours to every person that you had contact with that day whether by phone, in person, text.   Give them love and gratitude but express to them that this is their energy and not yours, so you are giving it back and ask for your energy back from them.  Ask the Universe to give back any other energy that you have taken on that is not yours to where it belongs
  • A tip to identify if you are carrying someone else’s energy – Each morning as you wake think about how you feel.  if you feel calm and content and suddenly later that day you feel annoyed for no reason but it came on when you heard from someone that day i.e. after getting a text from a friend then that it is likely not your energy.  This is a good little exercise to monitor your own emotions and to quickly identify what is not yours.
  • Walk in nature – try to go for a walk-in nature on a regular basis as mentioned above it helps to ground and clear your energetic field
  • Daily mediation – is a must for an empath as that helps clear the energy field as well.  Start your mediation by visualising a bright white healing light from your spirit guides or the Universe, see it completely covering you and your aura or energy field and clearing away any old energies attached to your aura. Then visualise roots coming out of your legs and going into the earth and imagine Mother Earth pulling at these roots and really grounding you into the centre of the Earth. Visualise it what ever way you want as it’s the intention that is the powerful part.

There are a lot of guided meditations on You Tube for clearing, grounding and protecting energy.  So have a look there and test a few different ones.  Everyone is different so check out a few things until you find what feels most right for you.

For further information on empaths I recommend the following:

www.empathplanet.com – this is my favourite reference point for Empath information.  There are some great blogs on this.  Alex Myles is the owner and she has also written books on the subject.  She also has a Facebook page called ‘Empaths, Introverts & Old Souls’

‘The Rising Empath’ Facebook group is also a great support group for empaths.

There so many websites with information on this subject so just start googling and see what you are drawn to.

I hope this helped in some shape or form or if you are not an empath but just curious about what it means I hope you found this interesting and it opened your mind to something new. That is always a positive thing. 

Best wishes!



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