What is a Bohemian Lifestyle?

A bohemian lifestyle is one with no rules, it's for people who feel most comfortable being outside the box, it is a life less ordinary.  It is for people that go with the flow of life, that follow their spirit instead of what society says.  It is a lifestyle that does not care about being rich but instead being surrounded by positive things that promote well being and creative freedom.  A bohemian lifestyle is full of nature and cares deeply about the world we live in.  Bohemian is not just an aesthetic but a way of life, a spiritual journey... 
Let's start with the actual interior style. The most important aspect of this style is that it allows all different textures and designs. It loves vibrant colour clashes but equally loves earthy minimal vibes too. You can go as crazy or as minimalist as you desire. Whatever direction you choose to go with this style, it always has the same effect. It's got personalty, it's cosy, calm, inviting and you will instantly feel at home.  A bohemian lifestyle is also full of culture and wanderlust, and so a bohemian home will probably have lovely reminders of past trips and adventures  And of course plants,... loads of plants, it's one with nature after all.

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Now let's talk about the bohemian clothes style, everything is utlra femine, floaty and fabulous. Maxi dresses and skirts, kimonos and kaftans, these clothes are also doing the same thing.. you feel at ease, comfortable, down to earth, you can breath!! 

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Bohemian loves healing crystal jewellery too, of course because it promotes positivity and well being. 

A lot of the designs used in the bohemian style are of a spiritual nature... no surprise there.. the third eye, Buddha, peace sign, the OM symbol, Hamsa (also known as the Hand of Fatima) symbol 

 (pics from Bohemian Lifestyle)          

A bohemian lifestyle usually has regular doses of meditation and yoga and you'll probably prefer to see your reiki practitioner over your general practitioner. You will understand that everything is energy and that we are all connected to each other and to everything. You will feel that there is a greater power guiding us. You will find it extremely difficult to hurt a fly, you will have a strong desire to make a difference in the world, to genuinely help people and the planet we live on. You will also probably understand what 'grounding and protection' means from a spiritual perspective and you will do it on a regular basis. Using sage to clear old energies will be part of your house cleaning routine. You will always look for the positive in everything because that is the essence of this lifestyle. 
It is a fact that if you surround yourself with positive things you are more likely to have more positive thoughts and when your thoughts become more positive, your life experiences become more positive....that's bohemian lifestyle....well that's what I believe anyway! :) 
Hope you enjoyed my blog.  If it resonated with you then chances are you probably are a bohemian at heart too :)
Much Love 



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