Sayulita - Mexico's beautiful Boho Surf town (Part 2)

Revolucion Del Sueno, Sayulita

This is one of the coolest shops in Sayulita and I am delighted to have a couple of their funky creations on Bohemian Lifestyle and there will be a lot more to follow.  As soon I walked into the shop I was sold.  It is run by a French couple called Nico & Lea Del Sueno, they come up with all the design concepts themselves and get local artisans to make the creations in a traditional way but with their modern design.  It combines old with new…the result is extraordinary, it works so well.



I have always loved dreamcatchers but I have never seen such beautiful ones as the ones I came across in Sayulita.  All different sizes and colours.  Made to such a high standard, these beauties are made to last a very long time.  Dreamcatchers originated in North America but where ever there is a boho vibe, there is usually a dreamcatcher close by.  Sayulita is full to the brim of them.

Esto Es Mexico, Sayulita

This has without a doubt the best shop front in Sayulita.  It will be the first thing you’ll notice when you get to the town centre.  The talented female artisans here paint the ‘day of the dead’ style ceramic skulls and ceramic cow skulls, you will also find paintings and other crafts in a quirky but traditional style.

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