Essaouira - The home of the Bohemian (UPDATED)

It's very easy to see why famous musicians, painters and writers flock to Morocco's charming windy coastal town of Essaouira.  It's laid back vibe mixed with the blue and white colours of the medina and it's love for traditional music makes it a hub for inspiration.  It's probably the best place in Morocco to experience a souk, it's so chilled in comparison to Marrakesh, you get all the beauty and excitement without all the hassle.  It is the perfect Moroccan experience...especially for beginners :-)  I have visited this hippy town a few times now and to be honest I'm always sad to leave. It was actually on the bus leaving here on my first visit that I decided  that I was going to set up my own business, it was an online shop selling bohemian homewares which I later called...that's right... Bohemian Lifestyle so it's very special place for me. 


Where I stayed

Apartment Imane, Airbnb  (€52 per night, sleeps 2) I can't recommend this 1 bed apartment enough.  Amazing value, amazing sea views, amazing location within the medina.  You fall asleep to the sound of the ocean and you wake up to it...the perfect end and the perfect start to your day.  It is fabulous, trust me! 

 Jack's Apartments & Suites (€80 per night, sleeps 4 or €70 for Studio apartment sleeps 2)  

I really loved these self catering apartments right in the medina with an amazing sea view in most of them. Especially great value if you are a group. So tastefully decorated, you won't want to leave. 

(The sea view from the studio apartment...bliss!)

(The sea view by night ...equally stunning!) 

Where to eat 

Salut Maroc

This stunning eclectic boutique hotel is owned by a British women with such good taste.  I mean seriously just for the colourful bohemian decor alone this is a must visit!  If you don't fancy eating, just drop by, have coffee on their stunning roof terrace and takes some photos for Instagram.  It would be rude not to :) 

Triskala Cafe 

This retro bohemian style vegetarian cafe is another must visit, healthy tasty food and again the decor is pretty cool here too.  Esaouira has it going on!!! 

(Yes that is a table and chairs on the wall!!!! )

Where to have a drink 


This is my favourite place to have a drink in Essaouira.  It's great for sundowners. the views are fab from the roof top terrace as you'll see from the photo below.

Wandering around the Medina 

(So much talent in Essaouira)

(Check out the traditional apothecary around Essaouira. He has a natural remedy for every ailment) 

(that's right he even has natural viagra and aphrodisiacs!!!) 

For those of you that want a more laid back beach trip to Morocco with all the culture I would highly recommend Essaouira, and if you've got more time combine it with the surfing villages of Tamraght & Taghazout which are about 2 hours drive down the coast and you've got yourself a pretty cool holiday.

Getting there:

Ryanair and Easyjet have direct flights from the UK.  Otherwise a lot of major airlines fly into Agadir or Marrakesh and it is a 2/3 hour drive, you can also get a direct bus from both cities. 

I hoped you enjoyed my blog.  Have a great trip if you are going and if you are only thinking about it just book it, you won't regret it. I can't wait to go back xx 



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