12 steps to a Boho Chic home

Bohemian chic has become an extremely popular home décor look and I for one am not surprised. It is so warm and welcoming, it has all the attributes most people are looking for when making a home. It is a mixture of the hippy era meets world traveller, it creates a laid back, relaxed atmosphere, your guests will immediately feel at home, that’s the kind of vibe it is. The best thing about it, is it has no rules, everything works. So how do you go about making your home boho chic, below are some basic steps to creating this wonderful style.

1. Floor cushions/pouffes

Low level seating is very inviting and enhances that laid back vibe so add a few floor cushions to your room to instantly give a touch of boho chic. Replace a side table with a Moroccan leather pouffe, see how it transforms your room immediately.


2. Rugs

Go for a Moroccan Berber rug, such as the black and cream Beni Ourain or the vibrant Azilal or opt for a beautiful old Persian rug, the older it looks the more boho it will feel… or use all three and layer them for that perfect eclectic boho look.

(The Beni Ourain)

(The Azilal)

(The layered look)

3. Cushions

Throw in a mixture of striped and kilim cushions, make sure to include pink, orange and red as these colours add richness and vibrancy to a room without being too much. Add in a sheepskin cushion for ultimate cosyiness.

4. Throws/blankets 

Like the cushions, the more the merrier with these. Sheepskin, wool, cotton with striped or geometric designs, pom poms everything works as you can see in some of the photos above and below.  The Handira blanket also known as a Moroccan wedding blanket is a great way to add boho chic to a room used as a throw or bed blanket.  Throws are a great way to transform a sofa which will give your room a completely different look. They create a casual and cosy vibe which is what this style is all about.

(Handira blanket) 

(Handira blanket, Beni Ourain rug, Moroccan pouffe) 

6. Indoor Jungle

The bohemian style is free spirited and at one with nature so it make sense that a bohemian home should be filled with plants, succulents & cacti.  Bring the outdoor in. 

7. Wall hangings (macrame/skulls/antique mirrors)

Fill your walls with  interesting carved cow skulls, beautiful macrame and fabulous antique and rattan mirrors. 

(Macrame wall hanging)


(Carved cow skull)

(Antique mirrors)

 (Rattan mirrors)

9. Turquoise

Whether you go the whole hog and paint/wallpaper an entire room in turquoise or just add a piece of furniture, this colour will immediately boho up a room. Might feel a bit risque at first so opt for adding a few turquoise textiles instead. 

10. More texture the better

What is very evident from all the photos above is that each of these rooms have a lot of texture and that is very important for this type of style.   The more texture the better.

11. Keep it Rugged

This look has an unfinished feel to it, reclaimed or shabby chic furniture items work perfectly.  Keep it rugged. 

12. Add some art and crafts from your worldly travels

And last but not least this look loves worldly arts and crafts so cram your rooms with  decorative tagine pots & lanterns from Morocco, day of the dead skulls from Mexico, paintings from Peru, baskets from Ghana.  It all works. Don't have any? Well, you know what to do....


You don't have to follow all of these steps to create a bohemian home, a couple alone will create the look instantly.  Choose the ones you like the best and see your home transform into bohemian chic. 

I hope you enjoyed my blog,....don't be afraid to go boho :-)  xx

(All photos via Pinterest)


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